METRO Cash & Carry #MetroTurns11

Based in Dusseldorf, Germany, Metro Cash & Carry is an international self-service wholesaler company.It is primarily ago-to,inexpensive shopping with a variety of products ranging from groceries, clothing, hardware, electronics and kitchen ware.

The Brief
The client wanted to celebrate their 11th anniversary in Pakistan in the most memorable way possible. For this, they needed the campaign to be of epic proportions all the while distinguishing itself from previous promotions. Therefore, online and offline integration was necessary, as they wanted their loyal customers tobe informed, engaged and rewarded.

The Challenge
Metro’s audience is not tech savvy and only interacts with the page for promotions and sales. This was an obstacle we had to overcome in order to be successful. too?

The Insight
Metro’s audience focuses mainly on promotions and will enthusiastically engage with incentives – constantly looking forward to give away sand contests.

The Idea
We manifested this insight on the largest scale possible in the form of a game show, which celebrated 11 years of Metro. This game show gave the biggest give away any departments to rehasever given in Pakistan before, a.k.a.prizes worth Rs. 11,00,000/-. All the participants had to dowasshop and have some fun!
Three shows wereheld in total at the METRO Cash & Carry Stores in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad with Adeel Hashmi, an extremely popular public figure, hosting the event. Audiences laughed and cheered as they played games in order to win grand prizes.

The Accomplishment
This was Pakistan’s first ever live game show on Facebook. Upwards of 6000 people attended in person, and 4,421,480 people were reached digitally.

Published: June 4, 2018