Taanka – Threads of Change

“Taanka” is an establishment, originated by Community World Service Asia, to support and promote the finest handcrafted amalgamation of contemporary designs with traditional stitches, created by rural women artisans from interior Sindh, Pakistan.

The Brief
With the aim to eliminate exploitation of artisans positioned in remote areas of rural Sindh, and create sustainable linkages with urban buyers in order to dig out and revive the rich handicraft skills in Pakistan, Taanka was looking for a roadmap to achieve its purpose.
In order to do so, Taanka wanted to establish itself as a strong brand first,portrayingits goal to revive, assist and sustain the handicraft industry in Pakistan.

Women in Rural Sindh have been using their strong skills to produce distinctive art in the form of intricate embroideries and other handcrafted designs that are not found elsewhere in the world. Due to inaccessibility however, most artisans are fairly undiscovered and others, highly exploited.
Creating a bridge between the workers and the urban markets was thus extremely essential to eliminate this exploitation from either ends.

The Idea
In order to act as an intermediary that connects skilled artisans with urban designers, Taanka needed its mission to be well portrayed to get partners on board and its ball rolling.
For this purpose, we created an entire roadmap for the brand to establish itself as a renowned institution with a strong mission to not only let the valuable art survive, but also, thrive.

The Accomplishment
Our team put their heads together and built a strong business case for Taanka. We setup a website to give the brand a unique face of its own, allowing them to demonstrate their goals as well as their works of accomplishment.
Our creative and design team churned out various ideas and encouraged Taanka to simplify their idea for potential partners and the layman. This execution took place with the help of a stop-motion animation video that we constructed for them to illustrate the entire story behind Taanka.

In addition to shooting the above video, we also performed a designed photoshoot for their corporate giveaways.
After developing a strong work relationship with Taanka, we provided them with a business plan for the future in order to help them sustain and succeed with their inspiring mission to empower skilled rural workers and innovate in the handcraft industry.

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Published: September 26, 2018