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The only instances when we are affected by the crippling fear of missing out is when there is a new eatery in town and we haven’t had the chance to try it out. This time, our social media feed was flooded with great reviews coming from Meat The Cheese.

Everyone was uber-excited to give this highly recommended eatery a whirl. By everyone, we mean everyone except the three new team mates who were to pay for everyone’s food. That by the way, it’s just another one of our traditions. Whenever we have a couple of newbies joining our fleet, they are bound to treat the entire team to lunch.

Long story short, we made our way to our destination through the heavy traffic on a busy Friday afternoon. The restaurant’s well-lit space with contemporary décor made for a welcoming atmosphere.

The courteous staff arranged a table for twenty within minutes. Each one of us gave our two cents about the menu design. The design team was all praises for the minimalistic design so the rest of us irrelevant beings decided to stay within our domain and ordered appetizers instead.

For starters, we ordered Cheesy Chick On A Stick, Old Fella Mozzarella, Chili Poppers and Arrabbiata fries.

Cheesy Chick on a Stick

Smoky chicken skewers lathered in white sauce and cheese was served on a bed of crispy French fries. The chicken melted in the mouth but the blandness of the sauce overshadowed the tenderness of the chicken.

Old Fella Mozzarella

Ah! The good old mozzarella sticks. They come with flavorful marinara sauce for dipping and have the perfectly crisp golden breading and a cheesy filling.

Among appetizers, Old Fella Mozzarella stands up tall while Chili Poppers and Arrabbiata Fries are nothing to write home about.

Tender Loving Loin

Not your average piece of meat! This beef tenderloin will melt in your mouth; served with sautéed vegetables, baked potatoes and two signature homemade sauces. Folks at Gunsmoke would have to pull up their socks.

Our Deep Fried Pride

Crispy chicken drowning in a sea of cream and cheese. Poke the crispy coating with a knife and streams of cheese escape through the narrow slit.

Latino Jalapeno:

Quite a lot of eateries in Lahore can’t do their thin crust pizzas right. Meat The Cheese definitely isn’t one of those. The best thing about their pizza is how it retains some of doughy softness so it feels more like pizza and less like a cracker. The fresh toppings and savory layers of cheese made it all the more flavorful.

The Daily Grill

If you find us at Meat The Cheese one of these days, we would definitely be found devouring this entrée. Moist, tender chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese and lathered in a tasteful tomato sauce is what makes it a favorite. Would you just look at the way Tiny is eyeing his food? It is actually worth the glances it gets.

Sing Me A Medley (saving the best for last)

The showstopper: this is not your ordinary stuffed chicken. Pan-seared chicken breast stuffed with the heavenly combination of mushrooms, olives and loads of cheese. Layers of cheesy jalapeno sauce on top make it the ultimate crowd favorite.


After all that, dessert seemed a bite too far but dessert was on the house so we couldn’t say no. As if we needed another reason to love Meat The Cheese.

Say Crème Brulee

We started off with Crème Brulee. Now this favorite dessert of ours is all about contrast and that’s what Say Crème Brulee lacked. If only the rich, creamy custard base was topped with a perfectly hardened layer of caramel.

The Melting Point

This classic Molten Lava Cake had us hooked from the first bite. This soft and moist chocolate cake has a gooey chocolate filling oozing from it. With vanilla ice cream on the side, we just couldn’t keep our hands off this one.

The Butter Half

We loved this one a lot more than we love our infamous Butter Jokes. Bread and butter waltz together in a dreamy creamy pudding. This classic bread and butter combo is sweetened with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Our Verdict
Absolutely worth the guilt and the havoc the lunch wrecked on three wallets but then everything tastes better when it’s free. Better ask the three victims who paid for everyone!

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